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Yamaha VXR


Born in Amman, Jordan (long story…ask her and she’ll tell you all about it) and raised in Boca Raton, this Florida girl spends her days lawyering, her nights singing with a symphony choir (yes, you read that correctly) and her weekends on the water. Having grown up watching F1 racing with her Dad, and later taking to the track herself in a Mini Cooper S, racing is in her blood. Whether it be negotiating a contract, fighting for what she believes in, or trying to find a way to make her ski move faster, her feisty (and stubborn) spirit is a force to be reckoned with. Underneath her gloves you might find a fresh mani, but don’t let the pink helmet fool you, this girl is ready to compete with the boys.

  • Ride: 2016 Yamaha VXR
  • Class: Runabout Enduro 200hp
  • Number: #241

Also a Florida native, George is no stranger to adventure. Having fallen in love with the sport of PWC riding while on a skating trip to Dubai (and by skating we mean rollerblading), it wasn’t long before our #62 had a ski of his own and was out sharpening his skills on the south Florida waters. A natural with all things machine-oriented, George currently serves as the team’s unofficial and unrated mechanic as well as pseudo-coach for teammate Amanda. When he’s not riding or rolling, you can find him strutting his stuff as director of marketing for an advertising company, and of course helping keep #TeamPhuckit looking fresh both online and in real life.

  • Ride: 2014 Yamaha FX SVHO
  • Class: Runabout Enduro 300hp
  • Number: #62


The backbone of #PhuckitRacing, this guy is the team’s driving force.  An avid boater and PWC enthusiast himself, “Viper” is always ready for the next adventure. Whether it be cruising with us on rec rides, cheering from the shoreline, critiquing our runs, or helping us down some post-practice beers, he’s the man and never misses a beat. As Pit Crew Chief, you can find him at the team tent, blasting Jonny Cash and making sure everyone (and we mean EVERYONE) knows who #PhuckitRacing is. He might even offer to take you for a ride!