Team Pilot Amanda Disqualified After Noteworthy Performance in St. Pete Beach

Team Pilot Amanda LeCheminant finished second at Round 3 of the P1 AquaX Florida Series this past weekend in St. Pete Beach, but before she could be recognized for her top performance, she was disqualified for her breather hose coming loose. We filed an appeal per the AquaX Rules, but recently received word that our appeal has been denied and the DQ will stand.


The Team is dumbfounded by this decision and we continue to stand behind our rider, who has never once failed a Technical Inspection in her three years of PWC racing. Officials state that although they don’t believe Amanda to have done anything intentionally, the decision was based on the fact that the hose ended up tucked behind the air box, and could only have ended up there if it was placed there while the ski was being worked on. We find these statements to be particularly frustrating because when the P1 AquaX staff member who performed the pre-race safety inspection was consulted, he confirmed that he saw the breather hose attached before the race.


Despite our evidence that the loosening of the breather hose was a very possible result of the choppy racing conditions, Amanda’s DQ will remain the official result, unfortunately ruining her strong chances of being atop the 200 class podium for the season.

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