And then there were three: Phuckit Racing welcomes Spark racer Ted Acker to the team!

When it comes to jet ski racing, we’re strong believers in the concept of “the more, the merrier,” and while this guy has been hanging with the likes of us for quite some time now, it’s time to make things official. It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce our newest addition to the team – Spark racer and leader of the Florida Spark Squad, Ted Acker! His talent and enthusiasm are a welcome addition to Team Phuckit, and we look forward to having him on board for the 2018 season.

So that we all can get to know Ted a little better, we decided to put together a little Q&A:

How long have you been racing and how did you get involved?

Back in 2012 when I lived in NY, I only had mountains, asphalt and an extreme addiction for adrenaline. I got into racing motorcycles and loved the racing scene. Once I moved to Florida I realized that motorcycle racing was just too dangerous so looked for another outlet… I purchased a Sea Doo Spark as it seemed similar to a motorcycle and I felt that the skills would relate, and WOW a whole new level of excitement and opportunity opened for me. Shortly afterwards, I entered my first AquaX race in Lake worth. I had no crew and barely anything modifications done to my spark, but couldn’t resist jumping head-first into this sport. There I met George and Amanda of Phuckit Racing and now I couldn’t be more excited for what the future holds.

What series and class(es) do you participate in?

I currently race in the P1 AquaX Sprint Spark class.

Tell us about your race craft.

I have a 2015 Sea Doo Spark that I have been custom tuning myself with some help from Nprotune in Sweden. I plan to do some heavy upgrades for next season based on my experience this year.

What do you do Monday through Friday when you’re not riding or racing?

Monday to Friday I help doctors find careers. It’s a rewarding experience and gives my body a chance to recover from weekend practice.

What makes you most excited to join Team Phuckit?

I’m excited to join Phuckit Racing because George and Amanda are more than just teammates – they have become good friends. When I started I knew nobody in the watercraft scene and they happily took me in and invited me to practices (even if I only had 15 minutes notice at 7 am on a Saturday). I share in their vision and passion for the future and enjoy collaborating with them about what is to come. We not only work hard but we play hard too, it’s not all business out on the water sometimes you need to just get out and ride.

This upcoming season is going to be very exciting for me. I can apply everything I’ve learned to making sure I come out as a strong competitor.


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